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IEW U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons - Level 1 Student


Writing lessons to complement Cycle 3


Audience Grades 4–6; used in Classical Conversations communities in Essentials for Cycle 3
Accessibility Students will require guidance. Intended to be used with the accompanying Teacher’s Manual.
Preparation Moderate
Ease of use Large margins, writing to be completed on separate paper
Page Count 286
Format Spiral-bound
Publication Date 2008, updated in 2017

General Description

Covering the nine IEW units, this course integrates writing, grammar, and vocabulary into early U.S. History studies. The Student Book contains assignment instructions, source texts, blank outlines, checklists, sample compositions, and vocabulary cards. Grammar helps are provided for two levels of students, elementary and junior high. Comes with Student Resource Notebook e-book.

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