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The Question

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Generate discussion, spark curiosity, and build strong relationships with your students by teaching with questions.

 "Wonderfully detailed book about homeschooling classically during the dialectic stage. Filled with information on how to integrate subjects in this stage & generally how to cope with students who have SO many questions! Lots of encouragement & tons to glean." --Joellen on Goodreads

Audience Homeschool parents seeking guidance and inspiration, parents trying to talk with their argumentative children, or anyone trying to ask better questions and think more deeply
Accessibility Very approachable, requiring no foreknowledge of classical education. Learn more from the video below:

Page Count 213
Format Paperback
Publication Date 2013

General Description

In The Question, Leigh Bortins' second book on classical education, Bortins explains how to foster an inquisitive spirit and challenge students with rigorous academics in the middle and early high school years through use of the five essential question types. Rather than forcing children to suppress their own innate desire to question everything as they grow, Bortins embraces this stage, offering good questions to encourage growth and learning. "That is the joy of the dialectic stage, in which your child's natural argumentativeness opens the door for the kind of adult conversations that truly matter" (p. 86).

NEW! Bonus Chapter: Foreign Languages (Latin)

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