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Compass of Classical Conversations CD

$9.00 (was $10.00)


Hear Classical Conversations founder Leigh Bortins as she compares and contrasts the vision and learning models of a classical Christian education and modern education. While modern education focuses on providing a morphing map via constantly changing curriculum and textbooks, classical Christian education values the simplicity and powerful autonomy of a compass via the tools of learning. With the heart of a parent and the mind of a rocket scientist, Leigh calls parents to embrace their God-given role as their child's primary educator while also sharing the vision and mission of classical, Christian communities designed to equip parents and encourage students for their learning journey.

These audio CDs are a MUST HEAR for every Classical Conversations family!

Disc One: The Foundations of Home-centered Classical Christian education

  • Track 1: Bortins Family and Christian Education
  • Track 2: Education: Modern thought vs. Classical Christian thought
  • Track 3: Knowledge: Learning Grammar and Observation Skills
  • Track 4: Understanding: Dialectic Skills, Ideas, and Conversations
  • Track 5: Wisdom: The Rhetoric of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty
  • Track 6: The Secrets of the One-Room Schoolhouse
  • Track 7: Why We Do What We Do!
  • Track 8: Outro
  • Track 9: Improving Your Vision Practicum Preview
  • Bonus: Improving Your Vision PDF Printables (Right-click on CD icon, Explore)


    Disc Two: Classical Conversations Program and Community Overview

  • Track 1: Restoring Two Generations of Education
  • Track 2: The Foundations Program
  • Track 3: The Essentials Program
  • Track 4: The Challenge Program
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