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Trivium Tables®: Geography, Cycle 1

$7.20 (was $10.00)

Updated for the Foundations Curriculum, 5th Edition!



Grades 2–7; recommended for use by Classical Conversations Foundations students in Cycle 1; also helpful for Challenge A students


Includes the geography memory work for Cycle 1, allowing your child to work independently or with you. 


None required

Ease of Use

Notebook size allows you to carry in bag or purse, and laminated pages mean you can write and erase as much as you like, thereby using this tool with all your students



Page Count



8" x10.5" laminated foldable panels

Publication Date



General Description

This convenient resource provides everything students need to preview and review geography! Each laminated table lists the geography terms for the current Foundations cycle, map keys, and a large blackline master for students to trace, color, or copy as they learn. Tables fold to fit conveniently in a notebook or tote so they go where you go!