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Essentials of the English Language 4th ed. (Include your director's name in the notes)


Your essential resource for the English language

Please provide your Essentials DIRECTOR in the Note field in your cart. The EEL guide will not be shipped until confirmation of class enrollment is verified through the CC Portal. Please check with your Essentials Director to ensure your name has been entered into the portal before you order.

Audience Available exclusively through the Classical Conversations Essentials program (4th-6th grade).

Requires diligent study, but Classical Conversations licensed communities provide a model for success at home.

Preparation None required; we recommend Our Mother Tongue as a companion read.
Ease of use One guide needed per family. Families may photocopy student lessons for multiple Essentials students within a family.
Author Leigh Bortins
Page Count 490
Format Three-hole drilled; shrink-wrapped
Publication Date Revised 4th edition, 2015

General Description

In our exclusive language study program, Essentials of the English Language (EEL), students learn sentence patterns and structures, the parts of speech, capitalization and punctuation rules, and diagramming. Students learn to analyze and classify sentences. This in-depth study of the English language will make the future study of foreign languages and advanced literature much easier.

This guide has been written and structured to be used in a Classical Conversations Essentials Program. It is available for purchase to families enrolled in Essentials.

This Guide contains:
  • 24 weeks of lessons:
  • 24 Tutor Lessons,
  • 24 Parent Lessons,
  • 48 Independent Student Lessons (2 per week),
  • Scope and Sequence Information
  • Tips on teaching Essentials