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Trivium Tables®: Quid et Quo

  • Trivium Tables®: Quid et Quo
  • Trivium Tables®: Quid et Quo
  • Trivium Tables®: Quid et Quo
Audience Grades 4 and up; recommended for Classical Conversations students and parents in Essentials and Challenge

Requires some foreknowledge of English grammar; best when paired with Trivium Tables®: English Grammar. For further ideas for use provided in the video below:

Preparation None required
Ease of use Notebook size allows you to carry in bag or purse, and laminated pages mean you can write and erase as much as you like, thereby using this tool with all your students
Page Count 8
Format 8" x10.5" laminated foldable panels
Publication Date 2011

General Description

Trivium Tables®: Quid et Quo helps students to apply the grammar covered in Trivium Tables®: English Grammar by parsing and diagramming sentences. New memory work items are also included, such as verb anatomy and the 112 Simple Sentences. Meant to be used as a companion to Trivium Tables: English Grammar, each section is color-coded for ease of use. This guide will become very useful as students work with increasingly difficult sentences, and will become a springboard for discussion and discovery as students and parents work together on English grammar.