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Latin Workspace I- Coming Fall 2018!

  • Latin Workspace I- Coming Fall 2018!
  • Latin Workspace I- Coming Fall 2018!

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Latin Workspace I will be arriving in the fall of 2018!



Middle and high school students; recommended for anyone tackling Henle First Year Latin. Used by Classical Conversations communities in Challenge I for the second semester. 


Parents will want to model the first few weeks’ exercises.


Coordinates with lessons in Henle First Year Latin; follows Latin Workspace A and Latin Workspace B.

Ease of Use

Approachable and methodical; helps students develop a pattern of study and review. Students in Challenge I will need a Latin Workspace A and a Latin Workspace B as well. They will use the Workspace A and Workspace B for the first semester, and then use the Workspace I for the second semester.


Classical Conversations MultiMedia

Page Count



Spiral bound consumable workbook

Publication Date



General Description

This consumable workbook models for Challenge I students and parents how to parse the final third of Henle First Year Latin into manageable daily assignments and helps young scholars track their work—valuable skills for any language study.

Designed personally by Leigh Bortins, the Latin Workspace series fills a gap for students who are just learning how to study a textbook well and how to pace their work throughout the week. Parents and students will learn how to copy purposely and change busywork into active learning.

This practice in using resources well, identifying patterns, applying grammar rules, and working diligently daily on a new subject will train your students to teach themselves Latin or any other language.


**Important: This workbook covers the final third of the Henle First Year Latin book. Challenge I students will need all three Latin Workspaces to cover the entire year.