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Classical Acts & Facts® Science Cards: Famous Scientists

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Classical Acts & Facts® Science Cards: Seeking to Know Famous Scientists


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K4-12th grade; used by Classical Conversations communities in Challenge B. Also valuable as a reference in all Foundations cycles and all Challenge programs.


A beautiful image and tagline on the front of each card provides memory pegs for young students; a simple question-and-answer format followed by more complex explanation on the back of each card provides a framework for further study.


None required

Ease of Use




Page Count

36 cards


Cards are 5" x 8", printed on high-quality cardstock, and laminated.

Publication Date

 2nd edition, 2018


General Description

Updated for the Foundations Curriculum, 5th Edition! Classical Conversations' exclusive series of science acts and facts, arranged into four sets according to major science categories, will serve you and your family throughout your educational journey. These high-quality, laminated, 5" x 8" cards contain a comprehensive set of grammar pegs that relate to Foundations memory work all the way through our Challenge program's sciences. Over 120 unique acts and facts in all!


Famous Scientists - Learn about the Hippocratic Oath, why Archimedes shouted "Eureka!", what Pascal wagered, and more!