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The Conversation

$14.40 (was $16.00)

The third book of Leigh Bortins' Trivium Trilogy

 “This book is a textbook and a devotional and a planning guide that directs you to explore the world through conversations with your family while looking for beauty and truth and goodness together. It has truly ignited a passion within me to be a better teacher by being a better learner…. Seriously, where has this book been all of my life?” —Lynn from "This Day Has Great Potential"


Audience Parents seeking advice on homeschooling through high school, lifelong learners who want to expand their education, and anyone who wants to make education more than just information and facts
Accessibility Very approachable, requiring no foreknowledge of classical education
Page Count 267
Format Paperback
Publication Date 2015

General Description

In The Conversation, her third book on classical, home-centered education, Leigh Bortins looks back on thirty years of homeschooling as she makes a compelling case for parents to stay the course through high school and experience the rich conversations that emerge during the rhetoric stage of learning. While modern education emphasizes silence, lecture, and multiple-choice tests, Bortins encourages discussion, application of knowledge, and a communal quest for wisdom found only through conversation. She argues that conversations strengthen and unify the family, provide accountability for the good habits that make learning possible, and enliven the academic content that guides students to become virtuous adults.

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