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Math Flashcards - Set 1: Addition

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Play your way to math mastery!

Audience Recommended for grades 2+; used by Classical Conversations communities in Essentials and recommended for review through Challenge.
Accessibility Suitable for solo, 1-on-1, or group review.
Preparation Basic knowledge of addition; introduction to the commutative law is recommended.
Ease of use Addition facts and their commutative reciprocals are stated on each side of the card. The answers are on the top right corner of the reverse side of the card from the fact.
Author Leigh Bortins
Page Count 68 cards
Format Cards are 2.75” x 3.75,” laminated, with rounded corners for durability, and contained in a sturdy, reusable card box.
Publication Date 2013

General Description

Set 1: Addition (Commutative Law)

A helpful tool for drilling (or reviewing) math facts with your students. Draw out the meaning of the commutative property as you drill addition facts. Developed personally by Leigh Bortins for Essentials and Challenge students. The set contains 68 cards, 136 addition facts with addends from 0 to 15, with a different fact and its commutative reciprocal stated on each side of the card.