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Trivium Tables®: Whiteboard

$9.00 (was $10.00)

A “stick in the sand” you can take with you anywhere

Audience Useful for parents and students of ALL ages, from Scribblers all the way to Challenge IV. Tutors or directors may opt to use this as a wipe-off surface in community, so bulk pricing is available.
Accessibility Parents, tutors, and directors can use the Whiteboard demonstrate new concepts and ideas. For students, the Whiteboard provides a blank slate for practice of any kind, including drawing, writing, math, cartography, and more.
Preparation None required
Ease of use Lightweight, portable, and simple enough to use at any age
Author Leigh Bortins
Page Count 8 panels
Format The front side is quad-ruled with ½” squares, providing a large grid for graphing multiple problems or drawing with correct proportions. The front panel on the grid side includes an X-Y axis for graphing. The reverse side unfolds to a 34" x 11" blank laminated surface with four full panels for taking notes, working problems, brainstorming, and drawing.
Publication Date 2015

General Description

Whether you’re graphing equations, working math exercises, or drawing maps, this lightweight, portable whiteboard gives your student the freedom to practice, demonstrate, and practice some more. Use it in community or at home—Trivium Tables® fold to fit neatly in your notebook.
  • Use either side to practice writing letters and numbers or to introduce drawing or math concepts.
  • Use the grid side for practicing map-making and drawing with proportions. • Use the blank side for copying, writing, and drawing.
  • Older students can use the grid side for sketching maps, playing math games, and graphing math problems.
  • Older students can use the blank side for diagramming sentences, demonstrating steps of a problem, parsing Latin, and brainstorming.
  • Take the Whiteboard with you for instruction or practice while on trips or at doctor's appointments.


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